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Team Fuzzpuffs! ~sketch~ by TheBlox Team Fuzzpuffs! ~sketch~ :icontheblox:TheBlox 12 10 Tails' Nightmare 3: DEMO by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: DEMO :icontheblox:TheBlox 50 60 Onix by TheBlox Onix :icontheblox:TheBlox 34 8 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 8 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 8 :icontheblox:TheBlox 14 29 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 7 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 7 :icontheblox:TheBlox 9 12 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 6 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 6 :icontheblox:TheBlox 10 10 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 5 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 5 :icontheblox:TheBlox 13 14 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 4 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 4 :icontheblox:TheBlox 10 3 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 3 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 3 :icontheblox:TheBlox 14 28 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 2 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 2 :icontheblox:TheBlox 12 3 Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 1 by TheBlox Tails' Nightmare 3: Screenshot 1 :icontheblox:TheBlox 14 5
MLP:FiM ~ Purity Corruption: ch 8
Chapter 8
Reign of the Night
Sunday night seemed to come pretty fast with the uprising excitement of going back to school. Altruise practiced and shared her magic with the other ponies in Trottingham over the passing week, full of confidence and full of her regained joy.
School was just a morning ahead. With all this excitement, it was hard for Altruise to put herself to sleep. She began thinking about how fun it was going to be, how things will be different now that she could execute magic properly; to learn new magic, to be like the rest of the unicorns. With a spinning mind of enthusiastic joy, and as well as nervousness, eventually Altruise managed to put herself to sleep.
*          *          *          *          *
In the middle of the night, Altruise woke up to loud w
:icontheblox:TheBlox 2 6
MLP:FiM ~ Purity Corruption: ch 7
Chapter 7
Out Like a Lamb
Each passing day, Altruise's training with Celestia had slowly begun to show improvements. After three weeks of training in the mornings, Altruise was able to control when her magic was active, and when to deactivate it. Casting spells properly had become easier, and among other things, it no longer hurt her to cast any.
Altruise was holding up a large boulder with a golden aura of magic. Celestia was beside her, keeping an eye on her magic in case anything went wrong, but it's been about a week since she's noticed any flaws in the filly's spells. They were all being executed naturally like it should.
"Very good, Altruise." The Princess smiled at the filly, "Now let's see you lift two rocks at the same time to test your concentration."
"Okay." Altruise nodded, and with ease, she lifted another rock with a golden aura while simultaneously holding up the other. To test herself further, she lifted a third and forth rock as well, with no flaws. There
:icontheblox:TheBlox 1 0
MLP:FiM ~ Purity Corruption: ch 6
Chapter 6
In Like a Lion
Altruise was just preparing to leave the house the following morning with her parents seeing her out of the door.
"Altruise, you be careful." Her mother suggested.
"I will, Mom." Altruise rolled her eyes with a grin, "I'm pretty sure Princess Celestia knows what she's doing."
"Ehh you'll be fine." The father let out a chuckle and patted her shoulder, "The Princess is a great pony to be around. She is very kind, and very wise."
Altruise smiled and looked up to him, "Dad, what was it like to work for her?"
"Hmm…" The pegasus put his hoof to his chin to think about that one. "I can't really describe the honour I felt when she first hired me. Before I worked for her, I was searching for jobs everywhere else in Canterlot. But nopony would hire me because of my mangled wing." He put his hoof down and smiled, "The Princess saw right through my broken wing and gave me a chance to work for her on the spot. She could see how strong I was, and gave me a
:icontheblox:TheBlox 1 0
MLP:FiM ~ Purity Corruption: ch 5
Chapter 5
Where It Began
"Celestia, what's wrong with me?!" Altruise screamed at herself as she ran down the cobblestone path further and further away from Canterlot. Her head was aching, and her body was exhausted from her magic outburst. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as the images of the terrified ponies' faces kept flooding her mind.
Once Trottingham came to view, she stopped dead in her tracks wide-eyed. "I-I can't go back home." She whimpered to herself, panicking, "Not how I am. Not like this." She glanced to the north, then to the south. "Maybe I can hide. M-maybe I should run away…"
"You're not going anywhere, Altruise." She heard a powerful voice of feminine authority, which got her to slump, and her ears curved to her sides in trembling fear. That voice, she's heard it before. Altruise gulped, and slowly, she turned around to the pony standing behind her.
"I-it's you…" Altruise whimpered, trembling scared, "P-princess…"
The alicorn goddess
:icontheblox:TheBlox 2 2
MLP:FiM ~ Purity Corruption: ch 4
Chapter 4
Action for a Reaction
Altruise was at the door of the entrance to their home with her parents, packing the last of her things into her saddlebags.
"Okay, so you got your books, your pencils, your—"
"Yeah, I got it, Mom." Altruise rolled her eyes with a playful smile.
The mother sighed, licking her hoof and rubbing it through Altruise's head to fix her mane. "You sure you're going to be alright today?"
"Bah, she'll do fine." Her father snickered, re-fixing her mane so that it was back to the way it looked before her mother fixed it.
"You sure you don't want us to walk you to school?" The cyan mare questioned.
"I know the way. I'll be fine." Altruise exclaimed with confidence.
"Well, okay. Have a good day, okay?" Her mother beamed.
"Go knock 'em dead!" Her father burst with enthusiasm.
Altruise squinted at that last remark as she stepped out the door. She tried to ignore it. "Bye Dad, bye Mom."
The filly trotted to the street and turned west. The view of the
:icontheblox:TheBlox 3 1
Greetings, everyone!

I've got something to share... A little reflection on my past and how I produced my artwork.

When I first came to DeviantArt, I was still in high school. Since the beginning of my digital art, I have done 'everything' in Flash. School tried teaching me how to use Photoshop, and I finished my Photoshop assignments in Flash. Adobe Illustrator was another program they tried teaching me, in which, I finished those assignments in Flash as well. And the hilarious thing was I passed them all despite being complete in the incorrect program. Heck, back then, I was so obsessed with using Flash, that when I was supposed to make a document form (a text file), I made that in Flash, too. Why? I have no idea. Probably because I could.

So anyway, a little bit on how I've actually done my art...

Ever since the start of my experience in Flash, I drew everything in it with a 'mouse'. I'd start with maybe a square, circle or a line, and I would stretch corners and edges, to twist and mold my shapes into 2D sculptures, and I did lots, and lots of copy-pasting to save time. And this used to be so fun for me!

However, you have seen my decline in artwork. My submissions have slowed down over the course of time, to the point my channel almost feels dead. Well, that's because... Drawing with the mouse, shaping and molding my pictures together from a square, is getting kind of un-fun. I don't like doing it any more. It pains me to open Flash now because of this tedious struggle of accurately twisting images together. I have been trying to figure out why I don't have fun doing what I used to enjoy. And it all keeps coming back to the mouse.

The thing is, I love sketching things on paper. I do it quite often, actually, even little mundane scribbles. I fill pages of concept art on paper, and I only dream about putting them in the scanner to trace them in Flash. Then I think about the mouse again. So I go back to my paper.

I needed to do something about this. If I wanted a future in being creative, I had to make an investment.

So, after many moons, I've decided to invest in a Wacom tablet. And the one I purchased was not cheap. It was indeed an investment and a half, but I have high hopes that it will make digital art, animation, and game development, fun again. I didn't want to get a cheaper one, because I wanted one that I knew would get me where I want to go. The one I purchased has a built-in screen; the Wacom Cintiq 13HD Creative Pen Display (Try saying that three times fast).

I don't have it yet, as it's on order. But I'll be receiving it in a few days... And I really hope this payment was worth the risk.

Here's to a brighter future!



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Reece Block
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bagginos Featured By Owner 4 days ago
What if Cosmo were to appear in the IDW Sonic Comics?

And about the whole split rights thing, I don't think it has any credible evidence backing it up. From what I've heard, characters like the Freedom Fighters weren't created by Sega themselves, but since they were made for media inside the Sonic franchise, Sega fully owns the rights to every character originating from said series. Going by that logic, Cosmo along with every original character in Sonic X would also be their property.

Really, the reason why Cosmo hasn't been seen in ages is due to Sega not being interested in any past Sonic media. Hell, they've even forbidden her in appearing in Archie Sonic!

But now that IDW owns the publishing rights to the Sonic comics, Ian Flynn has stated that there's a lot less restrictions and that they're planning to incorporate characters from past Sonic media at some point. Which means Cosmo may actually return someday.
TheBlox Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hmh, interesting. Would be neat to see.
bagginos Featured By Owner 3 days ago
One thing I would do is have the story revolving around her and the Metarex told differently. Have it take place on Sonic's world instead of outer space.

It would also be revealed that there are surviving Seedrians OTHER than Cosmo; and that they're out there somewhere.

Also, Cosmo doesn't die.
RealJordanTRS Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018
Hey! I don't if you'll be reading this, but I've been rallying up all the Tailsmo supporters that I could find to try and bring Cosmo back, by having all of us send EGA e-mails stating how we want Cosmo to make a return, and hopefully they will listen to us and bring her back. So, if you are indeed reading this, please send this message to all the Tailsmo followers you know of and tell them to do the same.
TheBlox Featured By Owner Edited Feb 13, 2018
While I still think her character is cool, as well as Taismo as a whole, I suppose I've grown out of it. I'm not as interested as I once was.

I'm shocked though to see how many people are still trying to bring her back. That was nearly a decade ago when Sonic X ended.

The reason Cosmo will not make a return, though, is because Sonic X wasn't made by SEGA. Cosmo, as far as I know, belongs to the company who made Sonic X. I don't know how the rights work with Sonic characters, but through permission and contracts, companies outside of SEGA are able to make their own TV shows, games and comics. Archie for example, is not owned by SEGA, and therefor SEGA doesn't own the rights to Sally, Bunny, Rotor, Antoine, or any of the Archie comic characters.

Cosmo is, unfortunately, one of those characters that SEGA does not own the rights to. The creators of Sonic X had made Cosmo just for their TV show, and the only way for her to return, would be if SEGA were to buy the rights from the company who made her. And the likeliness of that happening is slim to none.

The reason this company was able to make Sonic X was because they signed a contract with SEGA to do so, and got permission to use their characters. Another thing I don't fully understand. But that's the best way I can explain it.

Sorry to be the one to bring the bad news! That's just how it is, sadly. Would've loved to see a season 4 of Sonic X, though.
RealJordanTRS Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
I was going to say a bunch of ways that SEGA could use Cosmo, but then I found out the 4kids company actually filed for bankruptcy in September of 2016. So I did some more digging, and I found this:…
This shocked me, as I hadn't heard anything about it untill right now (when I went digging), and then I realized that they haven't done anything with the rights. But THEN I remembered the new Sonic movie that is in production right now. So that got me thinking,"What if SEGA stuck a deal to buy the rights to the Sonic X franchise from them, and then used the rights in the new Sonic movie?" Sure, it's far-fetched, but at the very least it's more likely than SEGA buying the rights from a dead company. xD
Also, I'm surprised that you replied. You are one of, if not my favorite deviant artist right now and I really enjoy your work. Please continue what you do, and I hope to see more great art from you!
RealJordanTRS Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018
When are you going to make another one of these? Even 7 years later, people still enjoy these! BTW I have an idea for another one of these. Try making one that could be used for an actual SEGA-like story. What I mean, is try and make something that involves Cosmo returning that is a lot like something that SEGA would do. Please and thank you! :D
EaroBlade Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
You are like, the only person I found that properly represents Tails since S3&K. The way you expanded on him in your games was brilliant, I think. From being able to freely go in and out of flight, to the tailspin charge and flight meter. I imagine that this is how he would be if Sega or Sonic Team actually gave a damn him. I also like how you include wall jumping and falling animations in your games, the later of which always peeved me when it's absent. 

I've always been a big fan of Miles, but I'm excited for anything you've got in store, as you seem to know what you're doing in regards to game design. Have a wonderful day <3
TheBlox Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017
Well thank you, I appreciate that!

His character indeed does have potential for much greater things than what Sega is doing with him.

I'm happy to know you enjoy my games, and I hope that what I create in the future will have a strong impact as well.
Carnelian-Fox Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Student General Artist
I just want to thank you for being so inspiring! Many years ago, I was searching around the internet, looking for Taismo fics when I found your DeviantArt account. Your stories were vivid and eloquent! Your words are breath-taking and helped inspire me to start writing my own stories!
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